OLP & Lit Online: A New Platform

Dear Friends—

Bernie Rhie began this blog in June of 2009.  A community of students & scholars quickly grew around it—making use of & contributing to the OLP & Lit resources Bernie compiled.  The effect was an invaluable online archive & message board for students & scholars working at the crossroads of Ordinary Language Philosophy and Literary Studies.

In February of 2013 Bernie invited me to step in as editor of the site.  It’s been an honor and joy to bring new publications, upcoming events, and other items of interest to your attention, and to facilitate—in whatever small way—a conversation on matters of shared concern.

Several months ago OLP & Lit Online maxed out its site media storage (images, audio, and video).  This means we are no longer able to upload media into our posts—a rather severe limitation.  I am disinclined to free up storage space by deleting media from earlier posts, as doing so would compromise the site’s value as an archive.  And, after much thought, I have decided not to purchase more storage space for the site.

This latter decision is doubly-informed: first, by the recognition that—due to new demands on my time & energy—I can no longer maintain the site at the level of currency that I’d like to, and second, by the hopeful thought that OLP & Lit Online might easily continue on a new platform, namely as a Facebook Group in which members are free to post announcements of new publications, upcoming events, and queries of special interest to the OLP & Lit community without running these through an editor/administrator.

This site will remain available as an online archive, but will no longer be updated with new posts.  I hope you will make liberal use of the resources gathered here, not least the bibliographies.  I also hope you will join the “Ordinary Language Philosophy & Literary Studies” group on Facebook and continue to share materials and ideas with one another.

Thank you for your many rich contributions to the conversation thus far.

Yours sincerely,

Carly Lane

2 thoughts on “OLP & Lit Online: A New Platform

  1. not on social media but I know everyone else is and that your life is a busy one so I’m glad this will have some future and that all the past contributions will be here for those who follow, hope the coming semester treats you well, dirk

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