Whether you’re a regular or just an occasional visitor, we invite you to sign our blog’s guestbook. We’d love to know who our readers are. Thank you for visiting us, and for taking a moment to say hello.

51 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I enjoy checking this blog to find out about OLP events and publications. It’s very helpful to anyone interested in the field!

  2. I’m working on a paper on Iris Murdoch and recently stumbled upon this blog while searching for IM-related content. I like this blog so much I added it to my reader. Thanks!

  3. This is a wonderful new enterprise. The site looks great, and I think you’re off to a great start. I especially appreciate the variety and inclusiveness of the items you post (including the variety of media that you include, all very nice looking)

  4. It’s very nice to have news of these events and publications in such a well designed blog targeted to this topic. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter, and really enjoy reading it.

  5. The virtual community of interest, affinity, and
    commentary that this page supports is both
    heartening and continuously instructive. I’m very grateful
    for it.

  6. OLP and Literary Studies Online has been extremely informative, thought-provoking, and encouraging. I’m delighted that it’s up and off to such a good start.

  7. Many thanks for posting the Steve McQueen Viceroy commercial along with the mention of my article in Cultural Critique. OLP&LSO is a fantastic resource.

  8. I am very excited about this project and the possibility for using this virtual community to foster discussion among, and create connections for, all of us with interest in the relation of philosophy and literature.

    Congratulations and thanks!!

  9. This is a great site and resource. I’m sure I will return frequently. Thanks for doing this.

  10. This site has become part of my early morning routine. It’s a great source of information and stimulation. Many thanks!

  11. And of course, there’s me, also enjoying and sometimes envying events I can’t reach at the moment!
    Thanks as well.

  12. Finally I can get my daily doses of ordinary language, literary language, and language gone on holiday in one place! Very nice site.

  13. Yi-Ping Ong at Harvard told me about this blog at the Modernist Studies Assoc. Conference in Montreal. It’s great to know about; perhaps this means there is a growing chorus crying in the wilderness.

  14. My deep if belated thanks to Bernie Rhie and everyone responsible for this heartening and attractive site. I am learning to use it along with–at the moment–learning to walk with a cane (the latter a temporary annoyance). I hope the site will continue to thrive.

  15. A terrific site, very glad to have found it. I was moved by the treatment of Kenneth Noland’s death last week.

  16. Great site! Lovely meeting you all last weekend at the workshop. Hope to see you soon…

  17. Many thanks for this great resource – it’s cheering to find such a community of interest, and to be part of it from afar.

  18. Excellently well-documented & well-structured website.

    A wealth of resources!

  19. I read this wonderful daily with morning coffee. When I started reading Iris Murdoch or Stanley Cavell or Thoreau in the late sixties it was quite an isolated endeavor. I am continually amazed at the emergence of community around the issues and figures and present writers who arrive, one way or another, with OLP. Thanks so much to all !

  20. Excellent site. The bibliographical help is wonderful. Thanks to all of those who work on it.


    The Cavell conference was a HUGE success all around. It brought together friends and fans of Stanley from all walks of life, many of whom would never have met each other were it not for this gathering. It produced some truly energizing and inspiring panels and discussions, and did Stanley proud. This will be remembered for a long time. Thank You.

  22. The conference for Stanley Cavell was inspiring. I hope that it gratified him to see so many wonderful people working in the spaces–in philosophy, Shakespeare studies, film studies, American Studies et. al–that his own work has created.

  23. Lovely to see so many of you at the April conference in Baltimore! I continue to be impressed by the generosity and enthusiasm of this community. Keep up the great post-work (I turn to OLP for my extracurricular reads). And take good care, all.

  24. I am delighted to learn about this site. I reading this blog every day. This is a very good resource and is very nice to know that Ordinary Language Philosophy is alive. Thanks for you work. Best Wishes from Brazil.

  25. I see that my contacts with go back now over five years. I regularly refer students and colleagues at conferences to the blog. It is evidence that understanding of the profound issues raised by Wittgenstein, Cavell, Austin, and other philosophers regarding the extent to which many problems rest only on pictures and begged questions–that understanding continues to be disseminated. Thank you for the hard work and the inclusive attitude.

  26. You’re welcome, John! Thank you for your readership and for sharing our work with others. Best, CL

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