David Kangas Rest In Peace

David Kangas, author of the book Kierkegaard’s Instant: On Beginnings (2007) and numerous articles on thinkers as diverse as Reiner Schürmann and Marguerite Porete, passed away September ninth in Turlock, California where he was an assistant professor in the Philosophy department at Stanislaus State. David was fifty-one and is survived by his wife and young children.

David will be remembered for his openhearted curiosity and insight. I invite you to commemorate him in the comments section below.

With sincere condolences to his family and friends, CL

2 thoughts on “David Kangas Rest In Peace

  1. Dr. Kangas was one of my Philosophy professors at CSU Stanislaus. I took three classes with him and I admired him very much. He had so much passion for the subjects that he taught, and he never stopped smiling. His charismatic character and passion for the subjects that he taught made his students including myself to immerse into his lectures causing them go by very quick. He will always be remembered by his students and his teachings will never be forgotten.


  2. My heart breaks to read this. We’ve known David and Inese for 25 years, before they started dating. We’ve spent time together in Connecticut, Tennessee, Florida, and Minnesota. We hated learning the news of David’s cancer, and are heartbroken to know that he’s gone, far too young and far too soon. Prayers and love surround the family, today and into the future.

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