Thanks to Reshef Agam-Segal for passing this along:


The University of Helsinki has uploaded a video of Cora Diamond’s recent (May 18, 2016) Georg Henrik Von Wright lecture, titled “Von Wright on Wittgenstein in Relation to His Times.” The video can be found here. There you’ll also find videos of Jaakko Hintikka’s 2015 lecture and Anthony Kenny’s 2014 lecture.

Diamond’s abstract is as follows:

 My lecture focuses on the essay, “Wittgenstein and the Twentieth Century”, in which von Wright argued that Wittgenstein’s attitude to his times was unchanged throughout his life, and that his attitude to his times was intimately related to his philosophy. In my lecture, I try to show what was involved in Wittgenstein’s general attitude. I argue that we cannot see what was involved in it unless we see how deeply conflicted his conception of philosophy itself was within the Tractatus. That deep conflict, and then its subsequent resolution in Wittgenstein’s later philosophy, greatly shape how he saw his relation to his times. While it is true that in one sense his attitude to his times stayed the same, if you look behind the words, you can also see in what way that attitude shifts significantly over Wittgenstein’s life.

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