New Look—Feedback Welcome!

Dear All—

As you’ve no doubt noticed, OLP&Lit online is experimenting with a new look. My hope is that the thicker fonts and higher contrast throughout will make the site that much more readable. Also, this design should translate across devices slightly better than the previous one did. I trust you’ll let me know if I’m wrong on either count.

FYI: The patron goldfinch you find at the top of the page was painted by Angela Moulton. You can tell it’s a goldfinch by the shape of its head. (!)

Do let me know what you think (about this or anything else site related).



4 thoughts on “New Look—Feedback Welcome!

  1. Like the new look, sharp and crisp. Slightly concerned about the red on blue font on the side menu, a little hard on the eyes. Maybe yellowish on blue might be better for contrast? It’s not a big deal either way, though. [?]

    On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 11:54 PM, >> Ordinary Language Philosophy & Literary

  2. white backgrounds a bit bright so losing the print some, may say more about my physiology than the page in general. the style of the goldfinch/paint-strokes seems fitting

  3. I like the new look, Carly! Very glad to see that the blog is in such good hands. Hope you’re well!

  4. Easier to read now with the red on grey (instead of blue) font on the side menu, also looks more ‘scholarly’. [?]

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