Checking In, Checking Out (Just for Now)


Dear All,

You’ve no doubt noticed that things have been slow around the blog.  Early last month I had the absolute pleasure of participating in Duke’s PAL Young Scholar’s Workshop.  The following week our UofC Literature & Philosophy Workshop was fortunate enough to host Kelly Dean Jolley for a discussion of what he’s termed “Disposable Thinking.”  Then there was the  “Benjamin as Philosopher” conference Dalmar advertised (below), as well as the “Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik as Philosopher” conference organized by Arnold Davidson and Josef Stern . . .  As ever, an embarrassment of riches.

Add to the mix that I’m in the thick of exam preparations and you will (I hope) forgive me my relative absence.  These final weeks of the run-up I’ll be stealing away from the city and tucking into my books that much more fully.  Happily, the editorial staff will be stepping in with news from the world of OLP & Literary Studies.  Please don’t hesitate to contact them with relevant events, articles, reviews, CFPs, and the like.

I look forward to reconnecting in April.  Yours,


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