Duke PAL Spring Schedule + Young Scholars Workshop & Links

Philosophy and Literature at Duke has an impressive spring schedule lined up (and already underway). Below you’ll find their calendar complete with linked posters for events  still ahead of us.

Of special note is the 5th Annual Young Scholars Workshop Philosophy Inquiry and the Humanities: History, Literature, and Feminism with Richard Moran and Sabina Lovibond among others. Young scholars are invited to apply for the workshop which takes place February 6th-7th. Applications are due this Friday, January 24 and are available [here].


PAL is excited to present our Spring 2014 schedule. Events include the annual Young Scholars Workshop, lectures co-sponsored with theAudiovisualities Lab at FHI and the Music Department, and a seminar close-reading portions of Cavell’s The Claim of Reason. PAL is also introducing a new forum series this spring: My Wittgenstein. Several Duke faculty will discuss the ways Wittgenstein’s work has influenced their vision of the world. Our conversations will be wide-ranging and interdisciplinary. We hope to see you there!

All of our events this spring will take place in the FHI Garage, Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, 1st Floor, Duke University.

Jan 14: PAL FORUM: My Wittgenstein with Toril Moi 5:30pm, reception at 5pm.

Jan 23: “Music and Painting: Reviewing the Mediums of Voice, Ear, and Instrument” A lecture by Lydia Goehr. 5:30pm, reception at 5pm. Co-sponsored by the Music Department and the Philosophy Department.

February 6-7: Philosophical Inquiry and the Humanities: History, Literature, Feminism. The 5th Annual Young Scholars Workshop with Richard Moran and Sabina Lovibond. Applications will be available in January.

Feb 6: Public Lectures, beginning at 5:30pm.

“Bernard Williams, History, and the ‘Impurity of Philosophy’” Richard Moran, Philosophy, Harvard

“Issues of Fictional Realism in the Later Iris Murdoch” Sabina Lovibond, Women’s Studies, Oxford

Feb 7: Young Scholars Workshop with seminars and invited student responses, culminating in a dinner party for participants.

Mar 4: PAL FORUM: My Wittgenstein with Paul Griffiths 5:30pm, reception at 5pm.

Mar 20-21: “Grammatical Stirrings” with Richard Fleming

Mar 20: Listening to Cage (ExperimentationChanceSilenceAnarchism). Lecture and Listening  4:30-6:30pm.  Co-sponsored by the Audiovisualities Lab. Reception to follow in the lab.

Mar 21: Reading Cavell’s The Claim of Reason–Threads of the Inner and Outer. 10am-5pm (lunch provided). Close reading together the first third of Part Four of The Claim of Reason.

April 8: PAL FORUM: My Wittgenstein with Stanley Hauerwas 5:30pm, reception at 5pm.

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