“German Photographs” by Patrick Lakey

Whether it has to do with vestiges or with another’s body, we must ask how an object in space can become the speaking trace of an existence, and how, inversely, an intention, a thought, or a project can detach from the personal subject and become visible outside of him in his body and in the environment he constructs. –Merleau-Ponty, “The Perceived World,” Phenomenology of Perception, trans. Donald A. Landes

(The following is reposted from Rhys Tranter’s A Piece of Monologue.)

Homes of German Philosophers: An online gallery of photographs by Patrick Lakey

Friedrich Schiller’s workspace
Ludwig Wittgenstein’s study in Cambridge
Ludwig Wittgenstein’s desk in Cambridge
Arthur Schopenhaer’s book collection
Martin Heidegger’s rural hut
Los Angeles home of Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer

A selection of images from Patrick Lakey’s German Photographs Collection, chronicling German philosophers’ homes throughout the world. [See More]

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