Nature and Freedom in Kant: A conference in honor of Paul Guyer (Oct 25-27 2013, Brown University)



On the occasion of Paul Guyer’s 65th birthday, Nature and Freedom in Kant
examines Kant’s philosophy in light of Guyer’s contributions to Kant interpretation.
Guyer’s unparalleled output covers nearly all aspects of Kant’s work. He offers an
interpretation of Kant that centers on freedom in nature through evaluations of
transcendental idealism, aesthetics, ethics, political philosophy, teleology, and

Some conference papers confront, other extend, and others are inspired by
Guyer’s work. Sessions with commentators are particularly designed to elicit
discussion of Guyer’s interpretations. Guyer will conclude the conference with a
reflection on his work in Kant’s practical philosophy.

The conference will take place in the Crystal Room in Alumnae Hall at Brown University. Alumnae Hall is located at 194 Meeting Street, Providence, RI 02912.

Information about travel, lodging, venue, and the group dinner as well as the
detailed schedule are available at the conference website

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