Sneak Peek of Duke’s PAL 2013-2014 Program


Not long ago we announced that Philosophy & Literature at Duke University has a new online address. Available on their site is a recent letter from Director Toril Moi welcoming Sarah Beckwith as Acting Director for the 2013-2014 school year, as well as a sneak-peek of their 2013-2014 events (see below).

Fall 2013

September 5:
Screening of The Philadelphia Story

September 12:
Susan Wolf (UNC) – “Loving Attention: Lessons in Love from The Philadelphia Story

October 3:
“Hannah Arendt, Multiculturalism, Feminism, Judgement:  A Conversation withLinda Zerilli” (In conjunction with the Symposium on Judgment, October 4-5)    

Spring 2014

January 23:
Lydia Goehr – “Music and Painting: Reviewing the mediums of voice, ear, and instrument”

February 6:
Richard Moran and Sabina Lovibond Lectures

February 7-8:
Young Scholars Workshop “Literature, Philosophy, Feminism,” led by Richard Moran and Sabina Lovibond

March 20 and 21:
Richard Fleming (In conjunction with the Audiovisualities Lab Symposium) –

  • “Grammatical Stirrings I: Listening to Cage (ExperimentationChanceSilenceAnarchism)”
  • “Grammatical Stirrings II: Reading Cavell’s The Claim of Reason–Threads of the Inner and Outer”

You can check back for more information or join the Duke PAL listserv by emailing Kaila Brown with “Join PAL” in the subject.

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