“Perfectionism and Education: Kant and Cavell on Ethics and Aesthetics in Society” — Symposium, September 6-7, Stockholm

Thanks to Viktor Johansson for passing along the following announcement. Please note that August 16 is the last day to register.
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Perfectionism and Education

 Kant and Cavell on Ethics and Aesthetics in Society

Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden, September 6-7 2013

This is a symposium on the value, significance and relevance of Immanuel Kant’s and Stanley Cavell’s conceptions of education, ethics and aesthetics in relation to contemporary educational theory. Kant’s ideas on ethics and aesthetics, including his philosophy of judgment and practical knowledge, continue to inspire and encourage an on-going interdisciplinary dialogue, leading to a clearer sense of the challenges we face in cultivating ourselves as moral and societal beings. Kantian themes are also of crucial importance in Stanley Cavell’s work on education, skepticism and moral perfectionism. Commentators have found in Cavell’s work both powerful criticisms of, and novel support for, a Kantian aesthetics.

The first speaker is Professor Paul Guyer (Brown University), one of the world’s leading scholars on Kant and Cavell. His paper “Examples of Perfectionism”, written especially for this occasion, will function as the point of departure for subsequent presentations by Associate Professor Alice Crary (New School for Social Thought), Associate Professor Pradeep Dillon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Professor Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore College), Professor Timothy Gould (Metropolitan State University), Professor Martin Gustafsson (Åbo Akademi University), Doctoral Student Viktor Johansson (Stockholm University) and Professor Klas Roth (Stockholm University).

Location: Van der Nootska Palatset (http://www.vandernootska.se/), Stockholm, Sweden
Arranged by: Professor Klas Roth, Professor Martin Gustafsson and Doctoral Student Viktor Johansson

Financed by: The Swedish Research Council

Registrations are made to: MA students Ingrid Andersson and Victoria Gustafsson on the following e-mail: vickan.gustafsson@gmail.com

The number of participants are limited, and the costs for participating is 800 Swedish Kronor for two days or 400 for each day (includes coffee/tea/lunch). The last day for registration is August 16, 2013. You will be informed about payment when you have registered and had your registration accepted.

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