Gender-Works: Resources

As a follow-up to Nancy Bauer’s welcome comment, I’d like to point out a small set of online resources for scholars looking to think about and address gender imbalance in the discipline. Please feel free to add to the mix!

women_of_powe_450Clockwise from top left: Madame de Staël, Simone de Beauvoir, Rosa Luxemburg, Hanna Arendt, Marie-Olympe de Gouges and Sylviane Agacinski.

The well-known readers-write blog “What Is It Like To Be a Woman In Philosophy?” has prompted a forward-looking sister-blog, “What We’re Doing About What It’s Like” which documents the proactivity of Philosophy departments worldwide and offers a host of creative solutions to problems of disciplinary culture and climate.

“Feminist Philosophers” features a handy cheat-sheet of ten small things we can all do to promote gender equity in Philosophy.

One of the simplest and most obvious measures we can take (#4 on the list above)  is to include women authors on our syllabi. I know of two searchable databases designed to help educators do just that. The first, available at “Women Works“, was developed as part of the “Seeing Herself as a Philosopher” project. The second, is being compiled by Helen de Cruz at “New Apps,” and can be accessed here.

Finally, Francey Russell maintains a general blog titled Women in Philosophy through the University of Chicago Philosophy Department. It’s hopping with links to relevant articles, sites, journals, conferences, colloquia, and more.



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