4 thoughts on ““Philosophical Revolutions” — Summer Conference in Dublin

  1. Dear Nancy,

    first of all thank you for your message: I can assure you that we are as concerned and aware as you are about the issue you raised. However, I think this time you’ve missed your target. The conference is in fact organized by two women, one of which is the president of the Society for the Women in Philosophy Ireland (http://www.swip-ireland.com/); plus, in our full program we have a lot of woman speaking and chairing (the names listed on the poster are only those of the invited speakers, among which only one woman replied positively to our invitation, which by the way will be our keynote speaker). You can check the program on our website http://www.american-voice.org/index.php/events/philosophical-revolutions/programme

    I am a member of SWIP Ireland as well, and the some dozen conference we’ve organized in our Philosophy Department here were actively run and attended by a great share of women. I would like to invite you to check yourself. For any query or concern please write me at sarin.marchetti@ucd.ie and I’ll be happy to show you our evidences.

    Best regards, Sarin

  2. p.s. this is the program of another conference we’ll be having in UCD just before the one you commented (among the invited speakers there was also another woman scholar whose name I can tell you in private if you want who had to cancel last minute because of a family issue) http://www.american-voice.org/index.php/events/related-events/philosophies-of-philosophy/programme

    As said in my previous message, I can assure you we are on the same side in this issue, and our recent and past activities can prove it quite clearly.

    all best, Sarin

  3. Hi Nancy, There are indeed difficulties in ensuring equal reprresentation from women at conferences and other academic events and you are right to highlight the topic. As the founding member and current President of SWIP Ireland, I am very aware of these issues, but as the main organiser of the conference you have highlighted, i am also aware of the difficulties to find women who, often due to over-commitment, are able willing or able to to attend conferences. I invited seven established women philosophers to the two consecutive conferences I am organising in June in Dublin and only 2 were able to come. So, the issues are more complex than just the names you see on a poster.

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