Modern Language Notes, “Philosophy and New American TV Series”

Many thanks to Martin Shuster for bringing this to my attention! He and Paola Marrati recently edited the Comparative Literature Issue of Modern Language Notes (V. 127, No. 5, December 2012).  Their theme is “Philosophy and New American TV Series.” Readers of this blog will no doubt appreciate the Cavellian key in which they and their authors take it up.

The issue is available in print and online.  The Table of Contents is copied below.




MODERN LANGUAGE NOTES (Comparative Literature Issue)

Volume 127, Number 5, December 2012

Philosophy and New American TV Series,. Paola Marrati, Martin Shuster

True Blood, Bon Temps, Louisiana 2008–2012

Paola Marrati

Popular Cultures, Ordinary Criticism: A Philosophy of Minor Genres

Sandra LaugierDaniela Ginsburg

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Mad Men and Moral Ambiguity

Yi-Ping Ong

“Boyd and I Dug Coal Together”: Norms, Persons, and Being Justified in Justified

Martin Shuster

When Horror Becomes Human: Living Conditions in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Jeroen Gerrits

From Dream to Invention: The West Wing

Hédi Kaddour


N+2, or a Late Renaissance Poetics of Enumeration

Christopher D. Johnson

The Calculable, the Incalculable, and the Rest: Kafka’s Virtual Environment

Henry Sussman

Weltliteratur as Anti-Fascism: Philology and Politics in Luigi Foscolo Benedetto’s “Letteratura mondiale’”

Charles L. Leavitt IV

Speaking Silence: Translation in Chahdortt Djavann’s La Muette

Ioanna Chatzidimitriou

Gide, Wilde, and the Death of the Novel

Scott Branson


Walter Benjamin: A Philosophical Portrait by Eli Friedlander (review)

Anne Flannery

How to Do Things with Fictions by Joshua Landy (review)

Elaine Auyoung

The Novel After Theory by Judith Ryan (review)

C. Namwali Serpell

The Literary Kierkegaard by Eric Ziolkowski (review)

Julie K. Allen

American Nietzsche. A History of an Icon and His Ideas by Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen (review)

Larry S. McGrath

The Poet’s Freedom: A Notebook on Making by Susan Stewart (review)

L. M. Alford

Towards the Ethics of Form in Fiction: Narratives of Cultural Remission by Leona Toker (review)

Patrick Fessenbecker

Mock-Epic Poetry from Pope to Heine by Ritchie Robertson (review)

Theodore Ziolkowski

The Correspondence of Erasmus: Letters 2082 to 2203, 1529. Collected Works of Erasmus by Desiderius Erasmus (review)

Willis G. Regier

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