Article — Ben Gibran, “Philosophy as a Private Language”

Ben Gibran has asked me to share with you his article, “Philosophy as a Private Language” (originally published in Essays in Philosophy (2012), 13 (1), 54-73.   In his words, “The paper offers a controversial, but very straightforward, argument for philosophical quietism.”  Because the article draws heavily on OLP and Later Wittgenstein, he thought it may be of interest to our readers.  He is eager to gather as much critical feedback as possible.  Comments may be directed to him here.

Correction by the author: On pg. 60, condition b) is redundant.

Ben Gibran is a writer with an interest in the social science of communication. He holds a BA (Honors) in Philosophy from the University of Leeds (UK) and MA (Honors) from the School of Culture & Communication at the University of Melbourne (Australia).  Ben is the author of The DIY Prison:Why Cults Work, which aims to promote balanced reasoning through greater awareness of the effects of situational factors on individual judgement. The DIY Prison is available free online.

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