Two new books on Thoreau, Emerson, and Philosophy

David Robinson (Oregon State University) has kindly sent us the following news about two recently published books, which he thought would be of interest to reader of this blog:

Dieter Schulz (University of Heidelberg, Germany) has published a collection of essays on Emerson and Thoreau which includes studies of Thoreau, Emerson and Gadamer, and of Thoreau and Berkeley, among several other philosophical readings of Emerson and Thoreau. Schulz is one of the leading European scholars of Emerson and Thoreau, and author of the 1997 study Amerikanischer Transzendentalismus. His book (in English) is entitled Emerson and Thoreau, Or Steps Beyond Ourselves (Mattes Verlag, Heidelberg ISBN 978-3-86809-057-4).

The Fordham University Press Series in American Philosophy (distributed by Oxford University Press) has published the collection Thoreau’s Importance for Philosophy, edited by Rick Anthony Furtak, Jonathan Ellsworth, and James D. Reid (ISBN 978-0-8232-3930-6). The volume contains a variety of essays on Thoreau’s epistemology, aesthetics, ethics and politics, and concludes with an interview with Stanley Cavell, conducted by Rick Anthony Furtak.

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