Philosophy Bites: links to the first 176 episodes

We thought some of you would be interested in the following. The podcast Philosophy Bites has just published a list of links to their first 176 episodes: 

1. Simon Blackburn on Plato’s Cave

2. Mary Warnock on Philosophy in Public Life

3. Stephen Law on The Problem of Evil

4. John Cottingham on The Meaning of Life

5. Miranda Fricker on Epistemic Injustice

6. Barry Smith on Wine

7. Alain de Botton on The Aesthetics of Architecture

8. Anne Phillips on Multiculturalism

9. Edward Craig on What is Philosophy?

10. Roger Crisp on Mill’s Utilitarianism

11. Adrian Moore on Infinity

12. Anthony Grayling on Atheism

13. David Papineau on Physicalism

14. Timothy Williamson on Vagueness

15. Jonathan Wolff on Disadvantage

16. Simon Blackburn on Moral Relativism

17. Brad Hooker on Consequentialism

18. Peter Adamson on Avicenna

19. Mary Warnock on Sartre’s Existentialism

20. Jonathan Rée on Philosophy as an Art

21. Tim Crane on Mind and Body

22. Anthony Kenny on his History of Philosophy

23. Quentin Skinner on Hobbes on the State

24. Onora O’Neill on Medical Consent

25. Stewart Sutherland on Hume on Design

26. Angie Hobbs on Plato on Erotic Love

27. Alain de Botton on Philosophy Within and Outside the Academy

28. Myles Burnyeat on Aristotle on Happiness

29. Henry Hardy on Isaiah Berlin’s Pluralism

30. Susan James on Spinoza on the Passions

31. Julian Baggini on Thought Experiments

32. Barry Stroud on Scepticism

33. G.A. Cohen on Inequality of Wealth

34. Mark Vernon on Friendship

35. Barry Smith on Wittgenstein’s Conception of Philosophy

36. Angie Hobbs on Plato on War

37. Richard Bourke on Edmund Burke on Politics

38. Richard Norman on Humanism

39. Stephen Mulhall on Film as Philosophy

40. Richard Tuck on Free Riding

41. Hugh Mellor on Time

42. A.C.Grayling on Descartes’ Cogito

43. Anthony Appiah on Cosmopolitanism

44. Thomas Pink on Free Will

45. Melissa Lane on Plato and Totalitarianism

46. Derek Matravers on the Definition of Art

47. Raimond Gaita on Torture

48. Janet Radcliffe Richards on Men and Women’s Natures

49. Peter Millican on Hume’s Significance

50. David Miller on National Responsibility

51. Richard Reeves on Mill’s On Liberty

52. Chandran Kukathas on Hayek’s Liberalism

53. Peter Singer on Using Animals (originally on Ethics Bites)

54. Jonathan Wolff on Marx on Alienation

55. Michael Sandel on Genetic Enhancement in Sport (originally on Ethics Bites)

56.  Anthony Kenny on Aquinas’s Ethics

57. Mary Warnock on the Right to Have a Baby (originally on Ethics Bites)

58. Donna Dickenson on Body Shopping

59. Tim Scanlon on Free Speech (originally on Ethics Bites)

60. Jennifer Hornsby on Human Agency

61. Will Kymlicka on Minority Rights

62. John Dunn on Locke on Toleration

63. Robert Rowland Smith on Derrida on Forgiveness

64. John Broome on Weighing Lives

65.  Melissa Lane on Rousseau on Modern Society

66. Matthew Kramer on Legal Rights

67. Peter Adamson on Plotinus on Evil

68. Quentin Skinner on Machiavelli’s The Prince

69. Alex Neill on the Paradox of Tragedy

70. Clare Carlisle on Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling

71. Aaron Ridley on Nietzsche on Art and Truth

72. MM McCabe on Socratic Method

73. Ray Monk on Philosophy and Biography

74. Barry C. Smith on Neuroscience

75. Adrian Moore on Kant’s Metaphysics

76. Peter Cave on Paradoxes

77. Christopher Janaway on Nietzsche on Morality

78. Anthony Appiah on Experiments in Ethics

79. Roger Crisp on Virtue Ethics

80. Raymond Geuss on Real Politics

81. Alexander Nehamas on Friendship

82. Christopher Shields on Personal Identity

83. A.C. Grayling on Bombing Civilians in Wartime

84. Anne Phillips on Political Representation

85. Wendy Brown on Tolerance

86. Don Cupitt on Non-Realism About God

87. Raymond Tallis on Parmenides

88. M.M. McCabe on The Paradox of Inquiry

89. Chandran Kukathas on Genocide

90. Kate Soper on Alternative Hedonism

91. David Papineau on Scientific Realism

92. Keith Ward on Idealism in Eastern and Western Philosophy

93. Sebastian Gardner on Sartre on Bad Faith

94. Julian Savulescu on Yuk

95. Raymond Tallis on Assisted Dying

96. Terence Irwin on Aristotle’s Ethics

97. Thomas Hurka on Pleasure

98. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong on Moral Psychology

99. Allen Buchanan on Enhancement

100. Michael Sandel on What Shouldn’t Be Sold 

101. Paul Snowdon on Persons and Animals 

102. Luciano Floridi on the Fourth Revolution

103. Marilyn Mcord Adams on Evil

104. Ben Rogers on Blaise Pascal

105. Sabine Doring on Emotion

106. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong on Morality Without God 

107. John Armstrong on What You Can Do With Philosophy

108. Brian Leiter on Nietzsche Myths 

109. John Campbell on Berkeley’s Puzzle

110. Tony Coady on Dirty Hands in Politics 

111. Richard Bradley on Understanding Decisions 

112. Jeff McMahan on Killing in War

113. Catalin Avramescu on the Idea of Cannibalism

114. A.C. Grayling on Bertrand Russell on Descriptions

115. Don Cupitt on Jesus as Philosopher

116. Tzvetan Todorov on the Enlightenment

117. Thomas Pogge on Global Justice

118. Robert B. Talisse on Pragmatism

119. Jerrold Levinson on Music and Eros

120. Jonathan Wolff on John Rawls

121. Galen Strawson on the Sense of Self

122.  Susan Neiman on Morality in the 21st Century

123. Ned Block on Consciousness

124. Robert Stern on Hegel on Dialectic

125. Raymond Geuss on Realism and Utopianism in Political Philosophy

126. David Chalmers on the Singularity

127. Jeff McMahan on Vegetarianism

128. Patricia Churchland on Eliminativism

129. Susan Wolf on the Meaning of Life

130. Stephen Neale on Meaning and Interpretation

131. Hillel Steiner on Exploitation

132. Peter Singer on the Life You Can Save

133. Joshua Knobe on Experimental Philosophy

134. Cynthia Freeland on Portraits

135. Daniel Everett on the Nature of Language

136. Michael Dummett on Frege

137. Alex Voorhoeve on Inequality

138. Gideon Rosen on Moral Responsibility

139. What is Philosophy? (Various Contributors)

140. Nicholas Phillipson on Adam Smith

141. Helen Beebee on Laws of Nature

142. Philip Pettit on Group Agency

143. Martha Nussbaum on the Value of the Humanities

144. Paul Russell on Fate

145. Michael Sandel on Justice

146. Cécile Fabre on Cosmopolitanism and War

147. Jonathan Glover on Morality and Personality Disorder

148. Hugh Mellor on Frank Ramsey on Truth

149. Sarah Bakewell on Michel de Montaigne

150. Catherine MacKinnon on Gender Crime

151. Nöel Carroll on Humour

152. Pascal Bruckner on Happiness

153. Paul Russell on David Hume’s Treatise

154. Simon May on Love

155. David Eagleman on Morality and the Brain

156. John Mikhail on Universal Moral Grammar

157. Alison Gopnik on the Imagination

158. Victor Tadros on Punishment

159. Peter Singer on Henry Sidgwick’s Ethics

160. Luc Bovens on Catholicism and HIV

161. Nick Bostrom on the Simulation Argument

162. Frank Jackson on What Mary Knew

163. Philip Pettit on Consequentialism

164. Dan Sperber on the Enigma of Reason

165. Jonathan Glover on Systems of Belief

166. Paul Boghossian on Moral Relativism

167. Sean Kelly on Homer on Philosophy

168. Tim Crane on Animal Minds

169. Melissa Lane on Plato and Sustainability

170. Brian Leiter on the Analytic/Contintental Distinction

171. Kit Fine on What is Metaphysics?

172. Alain de Botton on Atheism 2.0

173. Nicola Lacey on Criminal Responsibility

174. Philip Schofield on Jeremy Bentham’s Utilitarianism

175. Guy Longworth on J.L.Austin and Ordinary Language

176. Ronald Dworkin on the Unity of Value

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