Updated info: U. Chicago conference on “Stanley Cavell’s Aesthetics” (Mar. 2-4)

We’ve just received updated information about the upcoming conference on “Stanley Cavell’s Aesthetics” at the University of Chicago (see, in particular, the link to the conference website):

Stanley Cavell’s Aesthetics, March 2-4 at The University of Chicago

Conference Organizers: Prof. James Conant and Prof. David Wellbery

Primary Participants: Sarah Beckwith (Duke), Michael Fried (Johns Hopkins), Arata Hamawaki (Auburn), Andrew Klevan (Oxford), Toril Moi (Duke University), Richard Moran (Harvard), Yi-Ping Ong (Johns Hopkins), Robert Pippin (Chicago)

The conference is jointly sponsored by The Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, The Franke Institute for the Humanities, The Center for Interdisciplinary Research on German Literature and Culture, and The Department of Philosophy.

Website: https://cavell.sites.uchicago.edu/

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