MLA Panel: “Narrative and/in Wittgenstein”

If you’re attending the MLA, please consider coming to the following panel — on “Narrative and/in Wittgenstein” — organized by Robert Chodat. And if you do come, please say hello! The panel will take place 7pm tonight (Thursday, January 5th) in the Virginia room at the Sheraton.

Presiding: Bernard Rhie, Williams Coll.

1. “Is Narrative a Something or a Nothing? ,” Robert Chodat, Boston Univ.

2. “Wittgenstein and the Literary Conception of Selfhood,” John Gibson, Univ. of Louisville

3. “Running against the Boundaries of Language: Lectures on Ethics by Kafka and Wittgenstein,” Yi-Ping Ong, Johns Hopkins Univ., MD

To search for other panels and events at the 2012 MLA convention, please click here. If you find other sessions that you think would interest readers of this blog, please note them in the comments to this post.

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