BBC News: “Wittgenstein’s archive rediscovered in Cambridge”

The Brown Book chapters along the top, with the 'pink book' on the right

Two of our readers have sent us this link, to a BBC story about a rediscovered archive of Wittgenstein’s writings. (Many thanks to John Gibson and Toril Moi for the pointer.)

Here is how the article begins:

Professor Arthur Gibson, from the University of Cambridge, has been examining books and papers which disappeared from public view in 1941.

He believes that one of these could be the ‘pink’ or ‘yellow’ book Wittgenstein’s pupils thought existed.

He said there was also a handwritten Brown Book which differs from the version that was published.

Wittgenstein, who taught philosophy at Trinity College in Cambridge, was a prolific writer but published very little.

The work now being examined has been described by Prof Gibson as “entirely original philosophy whose existence, apart from the Brown Book was totally unknown to scholars”.

It dates mostly from Wittgenstein’s “middle period”, November 1932 to July 1936 and, like most of his work, was never published or made public in his lifetime.

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