part 2 of the special issue on the BU “No Quarrel: Literature and Philosophy Today” conference has just published Part 2 of their special issue on the “No Quarrel: Literature and Philosophy Today” conference held at Boston University in April 2011. It includes responses, written by Jonathan Kramnick and Garry Hagberg, to the essays published in Part 1, as well as new essays by Jennifer Ashton, Jami Bartlett, John Gibson, Paul Grimstad and Oren Izenberg (see the table of contents below). Responses to these newly published essays, to be written by Kristin Gjesdal, Charles Altieri, and Robert Pippin, should be available sometime in January. We’ll let you know when those are out.

To access this new issue of, please click here.


  • The Question of Poetic Meaning, by John Gibson, University of Louisville
  • The Motive for Metonymy (A Parochial Theme in Two Parts), by Jennifer Ashton, UIC
  • On Going On: Rules, Inferences and Literary Conditions, by Paul Grimstad, Yale University
  • Confiance au Monde; or, The Poetry of Ease, by Oren Izenberg, UIC
  • Overlooking in Stendhal, by Jami Bartlett, University of California, Irvine


  • Quarrelsome: Response to Camp, Harold, and Chodat, by Jonathan Kramnick, Rutgers University
  • Wittgenstein, the Human Face, and the Expressive Content of Poetry: On Bernard Rhie and Magdalena Ostas, by Garry L Hagberg, Bard College

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