New Book: The Philosophy of J.L. Austin (eds. Gustafsson and Sørli)

We’ve just learned of the publication of a new essay collection that we are sure will interest many readers of this blog: The Philosophy of J.L. Austin (Oxford Univ. Press), edited by Martin Gustafsson (Åbo Akademi University, Finland) and Richard Sørli (University of Bergen, Norway). To visit the press’ webpage for the book, please click here.

Here is the volume’s table of contents:

  1. Martin Gustafsson: Introduction: Inheriting Austin
  2. Simon Glendinning: Unmasking the Tradition
  3. Mark Kaplan: Tales of the Unknown: Austin and the Argument from Ignorance
  4. Adam Leite: Austin, Dreams, and Scepticism
  5. Benjamin McMyler: Believing what the Man Says about his own Feelings
  6. Avner Baz: Knowing Knowing (that Such and Such)
  7. Charles Travis: Truth and Merit
  8. Jean-Philippe Narboux: ‘There’s Many a Slip between Cup and Lip’: Dimension and Negation in Austin

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