New book: The Oxford Handbook of Wittgenstein (eds. Kuusela and McGinn)

Just out from Oxford University Press. To visit the publisher’s webpage for the book, click here.

Here’s the table of contents:

Part I: Introduction
Oskari Kuusela and Marie McGinn: Editors’ Introduction
1: Brian McGuinness: Wittgenstein and Biography
Part II: Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics
2: Gregory Landini: Wittgenstein Reads Russell
3: Colin Johnston: Assertion, Saying, and Propositional Complexity in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
4: Wolfgang Kienzler: Wittgenstein and Frege
5: A. W. Moore: Wittgenstein and Infinity
6: Michael Potter: Wittgenstein on Mathematics
7: Matthieu Marion: Wittgenstein on Surveyability of Proofs
8: Simo Säätelä: From Logical Method to ‘Messing About’: Wittgenstein on ‘Open Problems’ in Mathematics
Part III: Philosophy of Language
9: Charles Travis: The Proposition’s Progress
10: Ian Proops: Logical Atomism in Russell and Wittgenstein
11: Cora Diamond: The Tractatus and the Limits of Sense
12: Edward Minar: The Life of the Sign: Rule-Following, Practice, and Agreement
13: Barry Stroud: Meaning and Understanding
14: David R. Cerbone: Wittgenstein and Idealism
15: David Stern: Private Language
16: Lars Hertzberg: Very General Facts of Nature
Part IV: Philosophy of Mind
17: William Child: Wittgenstein on the First Person
18: Paul Snowdon: Private Experience and Sense Data
19: Joachim Schulte: Privacy
20: John Hyman: Wittgenstein on Action and the Will
21: Edward Witherspoon: Wittgenstein on Criteria and the Problem of Other Minds
22: Michel ter Hark: Wittgenstein on the Experience of Meaning and Secondary Use
Part V: Epistemology
23: Duncan Pritchard: Wittgenstein on Scepticism
24: Thomas Baldwin: Wittgenstein and Moore
25: Kim van Gennip: Wittgenstein on Intuition, Rule-following, and Certainty: Exchanges with Brouwer and Russell
Part VI: Method
26: Oskari Kuusela: The Development of Wittgenstein’s Philosophy
27: James Conant: Wittgenstein’s Methods
28: Marie McGinn: Grammar in the Philosophical Investigations
29: Beth Savickey: Wittgenstein’s Use of Examples
30: Avner Baz: Aspect Perception and Philosophical Difficulty
31: Marjorie Perloff: Writing Philosophy as Poetry: Literary Form in Wittgenstein
32: Joel Backström: Wittgenstein and the Moral Dimension of Philosophical Problems
Part VII: Religion, Aesthetics, Ethics
33: Stephen Mulhall: Wittgenstein on Religious Belief
34: Malcolm Budd: Wittgenstein on Aesthetics
35: Anne-Marie S. Christensen: Wittgenstein and Ethics

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