Critical Inquiry: Debating Literary Darwinism

Recently found on Critical Inquiry’s website (link):

Debating Literary Darwinism

Available here for a limited time in advance of print publication

Forthcoming in our Winter 2012 issue, a debate over the role of Darwinism in literary studies, sparked by Jonathan Kramnick’s “Against Literary Darwinism” (Winter 2011).  Click here to download the original article, and read below for the ongoing discussion.  

These articles are available here for a limited time; they will be taken down when our Winter issue appears.

Critical Responses (click title to view)

I. Paul Bloom, “Who Cares about the Evolution of Stories?”

II.  Brian Boyd, “For Evocriticism: Minds Shaped to Be Reshaped”

III.  Joseph Carroll, “An Open Letter to Jonathan Kramnick”

IV.  Vanessa L. Ryan, “Living in Duplicate: Victorian Science and Literature Today”

V.  G. Gabrielle Starr, “Evolved Reading and the Science(s) of Literary Study: A Response to Jonathan Kramnick”

VI. Blakey Vermeule, “Response to Jonathan Kramnick, ‘Against Literary Darwinism'”

VII.  Jonathan Kramnick, “Literary Studies and Science: A Reply to My Critics”

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