Papers from the BU “No Quarrels: Literature & Philosophy Today” Conference (Part 1)

(Click on poster to enlarge)

Issue #3 of the new online journal,, has just been published. It consists of half of the papers presented at the “No Quarrels: Literature & Philosophy Today” conference, organized by Rob Chodat (Boston University) and Oren Izenberg (University of Illinois at Chicago) and held at Boston University from April 1-2, 2011. The rest of the “No Quarrels” papers, along with a few invited responses to the conference papers as a whole, will appear in a later issue of, sometime in November. To read Izenberg and Chodat’s introduction to this issue of, please click here. To access the contents of issue #3 as a whole, please click here.

Here are the titles of the papers included in this issue:

  • Wordsworth’s Prelude, Poetic Autobiography, and Narrative Constructions of the Self (Elisabeth Camp, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Wordsworth, Wittgenstein, and the Reconstruction of the Everyday (Magdalena Ostas, Boston University)
  • Wittgenstein on the Face of a Work of Art (Bernie Rhie, Williams College)
  • Literature, Genre Fiction, and Standards of Criticism (James Harold, Mount Holyoke College)
  • The American Evasion of Pragmatism: Souls, Science, and The Case of Walker Percy (Rob Chodat, Boston University)

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