Boston University Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy

This weekend the Boston University Philosophy Department will be holding the first in what promises to be an annual series of workshops on Late Modern Philosophy (roughly the period from 1750 through 1900). This year’s workshop will focus on philosophical psychology and ethics. Information is available here. The schedule is below.

Friday, October 14th

1:30-2:50   Bernard Reginster (Brown University)
“The Will to Nothingness: Nietzsche on the Meaning of the Ascetic Ideal”

3:00-4:20   Sally Sedgwick (University of Illinois-Chicago)
“Freedom and Necessity in Hegel’s Philosophy of History and Philosophy
of Right

4:30-6:00   Keynote Speaker: Alexander Nehamas (Princeton University)
“Nietzsche, Intention, Action”

6:00-7:00 Reception

Saturday, October 15th

9:00-10:20  Paul Katsafanas (Boston University)
“Kant and Nietzsche on the Will: Two Models of Reflective Agency”

10:30-11:50   Maudemarie Clark (Colgate College/University of
California-Riverside) and David Dudrick (Colgate University)
“Nietzsche’s Philosophical Psychology: Will to Power as a Theory of the Soul”

12:00-1:30  Break for lunch

1:30-2:50   Charles Griswold (Boston University)
“Loving Another as though Yourself: Rousseau on Narcissism, Self-Love,
and Social Decay”

3:00-4:20   Frederick Neuhouser (Barnard College/Columbia University)
“Hegel on Life, Freedom, and Social Pathology”

4:30-5:50   Michael Rosen (Harvard University)
“The Darstellungsproblem

6:00-7:00   Reception

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