New book: Hans Sluga’s “Wittgenstein”

We wanted to let our readers know of a new book, just published by Wiley-Blackwell: Wittgenstein, written by Hans Sluga (Philosophy, U.C. Berkeley). To visit the publisher’s webpage for the book, please click here. Here is the publisher’s description of the book, followed by its table of contents:

Wittgenstein presents a concise, comprehensive, and systematic treatment of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s thought from his early work, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, to the posthumous publication of On Certainty, notes written just prior to his death.

  • A substantial scholarly addition to our understanding of one of the most original and influential thinkers of the twentieth century, by renowned Wittgenstein scholar, Hans Sluga
  • Proposes an original new interpretation of Wittgenstein’s work
  • Written to also be accessible to readers unfamiliar with Wittgenstein’s thought
  • Includes discussion of the social and political background and contemporary relevance of Wittgenstein’s thoughts
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Situated Thinker
  • Chapter 2: The World and Its Structure
  • Chapter 3: The Limits of Language
  • Chapter 4: The Prodigious Diversity of Language games
  • Chapter 5: Families and Resemblances
  • Chapter 6: Our Unsurveyable Grammar
  • Chapter 7: Visible Rails Invisibly Laid to Infinity
  • Chapter 8: What is the Use of Studying Philosophy?

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