Forthcoming book: “Stanley Cavell and Literary Studies” (eds. Eldridge and Rhie)

I’m delighted to announce that the essay collection I’m coediting with Richard Eldridge — entitled Stanley Cavell and Literary Studies: Consequences of Skepticism (Continuum) — is now at the printers and should be out later this month. As some of you may recall, drafts of the essays in this volume were first presented and discussed at a conference on Cavell and literary studies held last year at Harvard’s Humanities Center. For more information about this book (including its table of contents, and eventually, a preview of its first twenty or so pages), please visit the publisher’s webpage for the book by clicking here. And you can order a copy from here. –B.R.


“A serious encounter between literary theory and ordinary language philosophy is long overdue. This stimulating collection of essays is an indispensable resource for literary critics curious about Cavell and anyone eager to strengthen and deepen the relations between philosophy and literature.” — Rita Felski, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of English, University of Virginia, and Editor, New Literary History

“In making good on its important effort to encourage and enact a rapprochement between Cavell and literary criticism, Stanley Cavell and Literary Studies is splendid testimony to one of this thinker’s extraordinary strengths: his gift for inspiring brilliant minds to engage him in arguments about matters that are of compelling concern to readers across the humanities. This is a scintillating collection of passionately argued essays.” — Ross Posnock, Anna Garbedian Professor of the Humanities, Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

“As Cavell’s work restores emotional drama to ordinary language philosophy by attending to the literary, so does this splendid collection reenergize literary studies by bringing it into conversation with Cavell. Genres as diverse as Shakespearean tragedy, American Romanticism, and contemporary fiction reveal their commonalities here as confrontations with, and attempts to repair, the skeptical rupture between self and otherness. Through these searching essays, we are led to recognize anew the way writing functions both as withdrawal from the world and as an affirmation of the potentialities of our common language.” — Jennifer Fleissner, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University Bloomington

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