New Literary History: Special Issue on “Character”

The journal New Literary History has just released a new special issue on the topic of “character,” which we thought would interest many of you. To access the online table of contents, please click here.

The issue includes the following articles:

  • Introduction, Rita Felski
  • Character and Ideology: The Case of Cold War Liberalism, Amanda Anderson
  • Willful Parts: Problem Characters or the Problem of Character, Sara Ahmed
  • The Mole and the Multiple: A Chiasmus of Character, Julian Murphet
  • On the Twofoldness of Character, Murray Smith
  • Readers’ Temperaments and Fictional Character, Suzanne Keen
  • What Would Napoleon Do?: Historical, Fictional, and Counterfactual Characters, Catherine Gallagher
  • Philosophical Perspectives on Fictional Characters, Paisley Livingston and Andrea Sauchelli

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