n+1: Mark Greif on “Cavell as Educator”

We’ve just received a note from Peter Dula, letting us know that the new issue of n+1 includes an essay by Mark Greif (The New School) entitled “Cavell as Educator.” Below is the article’s abstract. To access the webpage for the issue, please click here. Thanks to Peter for letting us know of this! (And by the way, it looks like the Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature at Duke University will be holding a symposium on n+1 next January.)

Cavell as Educator

We know the real target of philosophy is life. Everyone feels it who has not been irreparably debauched by learning. Graduates who took one philosophy course in college will remember that etymologically it is philo-sophia, the love of wisdom, or love of truth. In most traditions, philosophy is not only the pursuit of truth, but also a discipline for managing suffering. Don’t the limitation of pain and access to the truth go together, through ties obscure but sensible to all? If one sees the target, then, how to draw the bow? And from what tree’s bough is the best arrow cut?

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