Oxford Journals: Free Wittgenstein Articles

Here is an email note from Oxford Journals that we thought would interest some of our readers (thanks to my fellow editor, Corina Stan, for the tip):

Are you interested in all things Wittgenstein? If so, we have you covered. The British Wittgenstein Conference took place a few weeks ago, and with the International Wittgenstein Symposium happening now, people are sure to have this philosopher on the brain. For your reading pleasure, we have compiled a select group of articles regarding Wittgenstein from some of our top philosophy journals.

Some of the selected articles include:

  • ‘Logically Equivalent–But Closer to the Truth’, by Roy A. Sorensen from The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • ‘Wittgenstein, Philosophy and Logic’, by Ilham Dilam from Analysis
  • ‘Symposium: realism and truth. Wittgenstein, Wright, Rorty, Minimalism’, by Simon Blackburn from Mind
  • ‘Motivating Wittgenstein’s Perspective on Mathematical Sentences as Norms’, by Simon Freiderich from Philosophia Mathematica

Subscribers and non-subscribers alike can read these articles and more for free today by going here:


We hope you enjoy these articles! Feel free to forward this email to interested friends and colleagues.

Warmest regards,

Michelle Wolfson, Oxford Journals

One thought on “Oxford Journals: Free Wittgenstein Articles

  1. Thanks. Here’s another link (via Leiter) of free articles dealing with Wittgenstein in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy: HERE. Cheers.

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