BWS Ludwig Wittgenstein Lecture Series: Sandra Laugier (May 9, Univ. of Hertfordshire)

We’re delighted to announce that on May 9 Sandra Laugier (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) will be presenting the 6th lecture of the British Wittgenstein Society‘s Wittgenstein Lecture Series, at the University of Hertfordshire. Prof. Laugier’s talk will be entitled “The Importance of Importance: Cavell and Diamond on Ethics.” See below for more information about the event, and about Prof. Laugier.

BWS Ludwig Wittgenstein Lecture Series (LWLS)

9 May 2011 

Sixth lecture of the BWS Ludwig Wittgenstein Lecture Series

speaker: Professor Sandra Laugier
venue: the University of Hertfordshire, (de Havilland Campus, Room R110)
time: 5 p.m. (a wine reception will follow)
title: The Importance of Importance: Cavell and Diamond on ethics

Sandra Laugier is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris 1 (Panthéon Sorbonne), France. She is an Honorary Member of the Institut Universitaire de France, and the coordinator, with Christiane Chauviré, of the Wittgenstein Seminar at the Université Paris 1-Sorbonne. Her research focuses primarily on Wittgenstein, Austin, Cavell, ordinary language philosophy and, more recently, moral philosophy.

Professor Laugier studied at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris), at Harvard and the Sorbonne, where she wrote her PhD on W. V. Quine (L’anthropologie logique de Quine, 1992) before turning to Wittgenstein. She is also a specialist of Stanley Cavell’s work and has published French translations of his books, as well as translations of Quine and Cora Diamond.

Her main publications: Du réel à l’ordinaire (1999), Recommencer la philosophie (1999); Une autre pensée politique américaine: la démocratie radicale, de R.W. Emerson à S. Cavell (2004); Ethique, littérature, vie humaine, (2006); Wittgenstein, les sens de l’usage (2009). Edited volumes include: Wittgenstein, les mots de l’esprit (with C. Chauviré et JJ. Rosat) (2001); Wittgenstein, Métaphysique et jeux de langage (2001); Husserl et Wittgenstein: de la description de l’expérience à la phénoménologie linguistique (with J. Benoist) (2004); Langage ordinaire et métaphysique – Strawson (with J. Benoist) (2005); Le souci des autres – éthique et politique du care(with P. Paperman) (2005); Lire les Recherches Philosophiques de Wittgenstein (with C. Chauviré) (2006);Normativités du sens commun (2008); La voix et la vertu, variétés du perfectionnisme moral (2010)

Professor Laugier’s current projects include a monograph on Wittgenstein, Cavell, and expressiveness, Le mythe de l’inexpressivité (Vrin, 2010), and an edited volume on Moral Perfectionism (PUF, 2010). Some of her work is available in English: ‘Austin after Cavell’, in R. Goodman, ed. Contending with Cavell, Cambridge University Press (2005); ‘The Myth of the “Outer”: Wittgenstein’s Redefinition of Subjectivity’ in D. Moyal-Sharrock, ed. Perspicuous Presentations: Essays on Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Psychology (2007), ‘Wittgenstein and Cavell: Anthropology, Skepticism, and Politics’ in A. Norris, ed. The Claim to Community: Essays on Stanley Cavell and Political Philosophy (2007); ‘Transcendentalism and the Ordinary’,European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy (2009), ‘Aspects, sense, and perception’, in William Day, Victor J. Krebs, Seeing Wittgenstein Anew (2010).

The event is free, but registration is required. Please email 

How to get to the conference venue
Bus timetable from/to London
Map of the campus: There will be plenty of parking; just mention the Philosophy Conference at the Parking Gate.

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