William Day: Lecture on Wittgenstein and Jazz (Williams College, April 4)

Announcement (feel free to circulate):

“Wittgenstein, the Nature of Experience, and the Experience of Jazz”

Lecture by William Day (Philosophy, Le Moyne), co-sponsored by Philosophy, English, and American Studies

Monday April 4, 4pm, Williams College

William Day, who teaches philosophy at Le Moyne College, will be giving a talk in Griffin 7 at 4pm on Monday, April 4. Prof. Day’s talk is entitled “Wittgenstein, the Nature of Experience, and the Experience of Jazz,” and here is his brief account of what it will be about:

The first half of the talk will offer a picture of Ludwig Wittgenstein as a philosopher of experience, a somewhat overlooked implication of his later writings on aspect-seeing as a “concept of experience” and of his declared interest in “the correspondence between concepts and very general facts of [human] nature.” It follows this thought, through a series of thought experiments or “fictitious natural histories” (some Wittgenstein’s, some not), to sketch what might be called a natural history of experience. The second half of the talk will then consider how this sketch might coincide with, or at least inform, our ways of hearing what there is to hear in the best instances of improvised jazz.

Professor Day has written on a wide variety of subjects, including ethics, film (including the films Moonstruck and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Wittgenstein, Stanley Cavell, and music (especially having to do with the topic of improvisation, about which he is currently writing a book-length study). For more information about him and his work, please visit his personal webpage here: http://lemoyne.academia.edu/WilliamDay

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