New book: “The Other Emerson” (Branka Arsic and Cary Wolfe, eds.)

The University of Minnesota Press has just published a new collection of essays on Emerson, entitled The Other Emerson. Edited by Branka Arsic (University of Albany) and Cary Wolfe (Rice University), this volume includes a number of essays we think will interest many of you. To visit the press’ webpage for the book, please click here.

Here is the press’ description of the book:

New readings of Ralph Waldo Emerson that reclaim his work for philosophy

Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of the most significant figures in nineteenth-century American literature and culture—indeed, this collection argues, in the history of philosophy. The Other Emerson is a thorough reassessment of the philosophical underpinnings, theoretical innovations, and ethical and political implications of the prose writings of one of America’s most enduring thinkers.

Considering Emerson first and foremost as a daring and original thinker, The Other Emerson focuses on three Emersonian subjects—subjectivity, the political, and the nature of philosophy—and ranges in topic from Emerson’s relationships to slavery and mourning to his place in the development of Romanticism as reread by contemporary systems theory. It is Emerson’s appreciation of truth’s instability that links him to the European philosophical tradition.

And here is the collection’s table of contents:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction, Branka Arsic and Cary Wolfe

I. Rethinking Subjectivity

  • The Way of Life by Abandonment: Emerson’s Impersonal, Sharon Cameron
  • Paths of Coherence through Emerson’s Philosophy: The Case of “Nominalist and Realist”, Russell B. Goodman
  • Brain Walks: Emerson on Thinking, Branka Arsic

II. Rethinking the Political

  • The Guano of History, Eduardo Cadava
  • “Experience,” Anti-Slavery, and the Crisis of Emersonianism, Donald E. Pease
  • Reading Emerson, in Other Times: On a Politics of Solitude and an Ethics of Risk, Eric Keenaghan
  • Emerson, Skepticism, and Politics, Sandra Laugier

III. Rethinking Philosophy

  • Emerson, or Man Thinking, Gregg Lambert
  • Emerson’s Adjacencies: Radical Empiricism in Nature, Paul Grimstad
  • “The Eye Is the First Circle”: Emerson’s “Romanticism,” Cavell’s Skepticism, Luhmann’s Modernity, Cary Wolfe
  • Afterword, Stanley Cavell

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