Call for abstracts: Conference on Wittgenstein at University of Iceland (Sept. 2012)

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: “In Wittgenstein’s Footsteps”

Between the 12th and 30th of September, 1912, the youthful Ludwig Wittgenstein and his friend, David Pinsent, traveled in and around Iceland. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of their visit, the Department of Philosophy of the University of Iceland, in cooperation with the University’s Institute of Philosophy, will organize a conference, “In Wittgenstein’s Footsteps”, to be held 14-16 September 2012 at the University of Iceland. As a part of this event, a guided tour will be offered, re-tracing the route taken by Wittgenstein and Pinsent in the south and southwest of Iceland.

There is no pre-set program of papers. The entire program will be built around blind-reviewed and selected submissions. We hope for enthusiasm from young scholars with fresh ideas, as befits the occasion commemorated by the conference; and, for similar reasons, we will specially encourage Icelandic scholars of Wittgenstein to submit conference papers. But we also hope that established Wittgenstein scholars will submit papers to this conference.

Conference papers should focus specifically upon important aspects of Wittgenstein’s thought. There is no further restriction on content.

We have established no pre-set limit to the number of papers that can be accepted. Our first consideration will be to put together a program based upon quality and freshness. The eventual format of the conference program will be determined by the number and thematic content of the papers that pass blind review. Extension of the length of the conference may even be considered if an unusually large number of such submissions is received, but, conversely, we have no aversion to a smaller, more intimate, conference.

Acceptance of papers will be conditional upon the authors’ agreement to grant original publication rights to an editorial committee, established by the conference organizers, that will oversee the publication of the conference papers in one or more venues.

Those wishing to submit papers should first submit a prospective abstract of 400-500 words. The abstracts will be reviewed and authors invited (or not) to submit full papers on the basis of their abstracts. Abstracts will be reviewed as they come in, but the final deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 June 2011.

The final deadline for paper submission is 15 March 2012, and decisions will be rendered by 15 May 2012. However, decisions will be rendered earlier on papers submitted earlier. Papers as submitted should be geared to a reading time of 30 minutes; as prepared for publication, they may be longer.

Abstracts should be submitted as e-mail attachments to Professor Mikael M. Karlsson: Correspondence to the same address.

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