Stanley Cavell: “Crossing Paths” (on Danto)

My fellow blog editor, Byron Davies, just discovered a relatively recent essay by Stanley Cavell (in a volume devoted to Arthur Danto) that was missing from our bibliography of writings by Cavell. I’ve added the essay to our bibliography, but in case some of you were also unaware of this recent essay, we wanted to draw it to your attention.

Cavell’s essay is entitled “Crossing Paths,” and it can be found in Action, Art, History: Engagements with Arthur C. Danto, edited by Daniel Herwitz and Michael Kelly (New York: Columbia UP, 2007). To access a Google preview of “Crossing Paths,” please click here. To access a preview of Danto’s response to Cavell, please click here.

And please do let us know if you come across any other texts by Cavell that are missing from our bibliography of primary works, which you can see by clicking here. Many thanks!


One thought on “Stanley Cavell: “Crossing Paths” (on Danto)

  1. Cavell’s essay can also be found in Cavell on Film, so it does appear in your bibliography. Its appearance in that book mostly depends on Cavell’s questioning whether certain instances of film (experimentation)—namely, Warhol’s Sleep and Empire—count, in fact, as (bona fide) films, hence as works of art (as opposed, perhaps, to “artworks”). Cavell’s questioning is in service of his critique of Danto’s famous assertion that there are no properly aesthetic properties by which certain artworks may be distinguished from nonartworks—a critique to the effect, more or less, that Danto begs the question at issue by simply accepting that such works are artworks and then inferring from there their aesthetic indistinguishability from their real-world counterparts.

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