Philosophy and the Arts Conference (April 2011, Stony Brook Manhattan)

The Philosophy and the Arts Program at Stony Brook University in Manhattan has issued a call for papers for its fourth annual meeting. The official call for papers appears below:

The Masters program in Philosophy and the Arts at Stony Brook University in Manhattan centers on intersections of art and philosophy. In an effort to encourage dialogue across disciplines, we offer this conference as an interdisciplinary event and welcome participants working in a variety of fields and media to respond to this year’s topic:

Between the familiar extremes of redeeming oneself (as in the eyes of God, or a friend) and of redeeming a coupon, the term redemption shoulders a rich range of expressive possibilities.  Each sense reveals an aspect of the event of exchange of one thing, condition, or meaning for another. “Redemption” may express conversion, salvage, ransom, reparation, purchase, or liberation, and these definitions all vary in their economic, ontological, and hermeneutical hefts.

We welcome the submission both of original academic papers and of artwork for exhibition or performance from graduate students across disciplines. All submissions should be formatted for blind review, and suitable for a 20-minute presentation (approximately 3000 words or 8-11 pages). Please visit the Philosophy and the Arts Conference website for complete submission instructions, as well as information on past conferences and regular updates. All submissions must be received by January 13th, 2011. Submitters will be notified of the committee’s decision regarding their work via email no later than February 7th, 2011. The conference will take place at Stony Brook Manhattan, 387 Park Ave. South. Feel free to contact the conference coordinators for help with additional questions at


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