Robert Gardner’s “Just Representations”

In October the Peabody Museum Press and Studio7Arts will publish a new book of writings by filmmaker Robert Gardner, Just Representations (edited by Charles Warren). Here is part of the book’s description on the Studio7Arts web site:

This book presents selected writings by Robert Gardner. There are journals he wrote during stays in different parts of the world, observing and reacting to diverse ways of life, traditional and modern. There are his accounts of film projects envisioned and planned but not completed. There are essays, more formal and systematic than the journals, on ways of life in pre-modern cultures that Gardner has observed first hand. We also read his voiceover narrations from the films Dead Birds (1961) and Rivers of Sand (1975), which come to life in a new way on the page. And in an interview, letters, and articles, Gardner addresses the subject of filmmaking—his own and that of others—and reflects on film’s relation to anthropology and, more broadly, to the very project of human beings to understand reality.

And here is a press release on the book from the Peabody Museum’s web site. In conjunction with the book’s publication, the Harvard Film Archive will hold a series running October 15-November 8 called “Still Journey On: The Films of Robert Gardner.” More on that series to come.


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