Audio: Martin Gustafsson on Wittgenstein and Philosophical Pictures (Elucidations @ U. Chicago)

We wanted to let you know that the May 2010 episode of the philosophy podcast Elucidations features a conversation with Martin Gustafsson (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Stockholm) about Wittgenstein and “philosophical pictures.” It’s a fascinating discussion, which begins with remarks about the quotation from Augustine’s Confessions that opens the Investigations, and ends with some questions about Wittgenstein’s metaphilosophy (and whether Wittgenstein’s philosophical project might be akin to what Pierre Hadot meant by “spiritual exercises”). To listen to the episode, click here.

(For more on Hadot and his understanding of “spiritual exercises,” we recommend Arnold Davidson’s 1990 Critical Inquiry essay “Spiritual Exercises and Ancient Philosophy: An Introduction to Pierre Hadot”.)

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