Audio: J.L. Austin’s voice

I’ve finally had a chance to watch a few of the Logic Lane episodes that we recently posted, and I was delighted to discover that the 5th part of the episode on Oxford philosophy of the 1930s (featuring a conversation between Isaiah Berlin and Stuart Hampshire) includes a brief audio clip of J.L. Austin lecturing. I wanted to draw it to your attention, in case, like me, you too have never heard Austin’s voice before.

[Note: see Nat Hansen’s comment below for more about this recording of Austin lecturing]

The clip begins about 1 minute into the 5th section of the film (which, for your convenience, I’ll embed again below):


4 thoughts on “Audio: J.L. Austin’s voice

  1. Hello, Nat and Teague. Anyone know where to get a hold of the transcript, if it exists?

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