Conference on Collective Intentionality in Basel

Next month (August 23-26) the Universität Basel will be hosting the seventh of a series of conferences on collective intentionality, this one titled “Perspectives on Social Ontology.” Unfortunately, the deadline for submissions has passed, but the list of invited speakers is very exciting. Here is a description of the conference:

Collective intentionality is widely acknowledged as an important topic in current international philosophical research. The analysis of shared intentional attitudes provides a new approach to basic social notions such as coordination, cooperation and communication. This rapidly evolving field of research attracts increasing attention from philosophers and social theorists as well as from scholars from a wide variety of neighboring disciplines, such as economic and legal theory, cognitive science, and developmental psychology. The Conference on Collective Intentionality VII – Perspectives on Social Ontology is part of the research project Collective Intentionality – Phenomenological Perspectives ( and will be held from Monday, August 23 through Thursday, August 26, 2010, at the University of Basel, Switzerland. This conference will serve as a platform for exchange for scholars working on collective intentionality and related topics. The conference aims at strengthening the interdisciplinary impact and application of collective intentionality analysis. Particular attention will be paid to the role of collective intentional attitudes for social ontology.

Confirmed invited speakers: Christine Korsgaard (Harvard), John R. Searle (Berkeley), Raimo Tuomela (Helsinki), Michael Bratman (Stanford), Kevin Mulligan (Geneva), Christian List (LSE), Barry Smith (Buffalo)

Special Symposia will be held on the following topics:
– Shared Feelings – the structure and role of collective affective intentionality
– Collective Reasoning – plural subjects and the sharing of reasons
– “Making the Social World” – author meets critics

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