CFP: UEA conference on “Philosophy as Therapy: Wittgenstein and Beyond”

Philosophy as Therapy: Wittgenstein and Beyond
Conference at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, 25.-26.3.2011.
Conference announcement and Call for Papers

The conference explores therapeutic conceptions of philosophy developed in the wake of Wittgenstein: What is the point and purpose of ‘therapeutic’ approaches in philosophy? Where and when is ‘therapy’ called for in philosophy? Are there ‘diseases of the understanding’ philosophy would need to cure? What methods and techniques can therapeutic philosophy employ? What challenges does it face and what fruits can it bear? The conference explores these questions through submitted papers and through symposia on two fresh publications:

Eugen Fischer: Philosophical Delusion and its Therapy. Outline of a Philosophical Revolution, Routledge 2010
Abstract, reviews and contents:

Rupert Read & Matthew Lavery (eds.): The Tractatus Wars, Routledge 2011

Confirmed Speakers:
Dan Hutto (Hertfordshire)
Phil Hutchinson (MMU)
Dale Jacquette (Berne)
Katherine Morris (Oxford)
Peter Sullivan (Stirling)
Marie McGinn (UEA)
Eugen Fischer (UEA)
Oskari Kuusela (UEA)
Rupert Read (UEA)

Call for papers: Please submit papers on the above questions, which are suitable for 30-minute presentation, by Monday, January 10th, 2011, to Decisions before January 31st.

Download the provisional programme from:

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