Workshop on Practical Knowledge in Basel

Sorry for the short notice, but next week (July 9-11) the Universität Basel will be holding a workshop on practical knowledge. Here is the workshop description:

In Intention G.E.M. Anscombe claims that intentional action is defined as action that is the subject of a special kind of knowledge: knowledge that is practical in that it is “the cause of what it understands”, as Anscombe puts it. Recently the interest in the topic of practical knowledge has been revived, and has occasioned lively debates in contemporary philosophy of action. The workshop will join in these debates and ask how they relate to the tradition reaching from Aristotle through Aquinas to Kant and Hegel, who conceive of practical knowledge as knowledge of the good and thus as a topic of ethics. The contributors to the workshop are Agnes Callard, Andrea Kern, Anselm W. Müller, David Horst, Matthias Haase, Michael Thompson, Sarah Paul, Sebastian Rödl and Tim Henning.

The format of the workshop will be the following. The texts of the workshop will be distributed in advance. No papers will be presented at the workshop. The workshop sessions will be devoted entirely to the discussion of the contributed papers , the author of each paper responding to questions and objections. Participants are required to register with Simone Chambers (, from whom they will receive the papers to be discussed.

You can download the workshop program here.


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