A new blog editor: Byron Davies

I am delighted to announce that the blog’s editorial team is being joined by a new member: Byron Davies, a graduate student in the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University. Here is the profile Byron provided for our About page:

Byron Davies is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Philosophy Department at Harvard University. He received a B.A. in philosophy from Reed College in 2007. Byron mainly works on issues in the philosophy of mind and action, though he has become increasingly interested in aesthetics (including the philosophy of literature and film). He is especially interested in issues of self-knowledge, and is currently pursuing a project on the non-observational knowledge we have of our own intentional actions (what Anscombe called “practical knowledge”). He hopes one day to write about the similar phenomenon, familiar from the writings of Stanley Cavell, of having non-observational knowledge about what we say and mean.

I’m thrilled to be working with Byron, and I look forward to reading his future posts. Please join me in extending him a warm welcome. To email Byron with suggestions for posts, please write him at the following address: bmdavies@fas.harvard.edu.


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