New book: Philosophy of Literature (ed. Severin Schroeder)

Blackwell-Wiley has just published a collection of newly commissioned essays on the topic of “Philosophy of Literature,” edited by Severin Schroeder (Philosophy, University of Reading). To visit the publisher’s webpage for the book, please click here.

Here is the table of contents (PDF previews of #1 and #7 are available — click on them to download):

  1. Literature, Knowledge, and the Aesthetic Attitude (M. W. Rowe, University of East Anglia)
  2. The Elusiveness of Poetic Meaning (Peter Lamarque, University of York)
  3. Fictional Form and Symphonic Structure: An Essay in Comparative Aesthetics (Peter Kivy, Rutgers University)
  4. Criticism of Literature and Criticism of Culture (Stein Haugom Olsen, University of Bergen)
  5. Incense and Insensibility: Austin on the ‘non-seriousness’ of poetry (Maximilian de Gaynesford, University of Reading)
  6. Philosophy and Literature: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Martin Warner, University of Warwick)
  7. Index

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