TOC: July 2010 issue of Philosophical Investigations

The new issue of the journal, Philosophical Investigations, is now available online. To visit the journal’s website, please click here. Below is the table of contents of the current issue, with links to the various articles and reviews:


On Wittgenstein’s Notion of Meaning-Blindness: Its Subjective, Objective and Aesthetic Aspects (p 201-219)

Christian Helmut Wenzel

Abstract |  References | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 101K)

What Can Austin Tell Us about Truth? (p 220-228)
Jeffrey Hershfield

Abstract |  References | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 58K)

A Wittgensteinian Solution to the Sorites (p 229-244)
Hanoch Ben-Yami

Abstract |  References | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 82K)

Forms of Our Life: Wittgenstein and the Later Heidegger (p 245-265)
Michael Weston

Abstract |  References | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 99K)


Holding the Centre and Untied Kingdom – By Ian Robinson (p 266-270)
Catherine Osborne

Abstract | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 40K)

Wittgenstein on Rules and Nature – By Keith Dromm (p 270-274)
James Fielding

Abstract | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 40K)

Wittgenstein and Philosophical Psychology: Essays in Honour of Lars Hertzberg – Edited by Christoffer Gefwert and Olli Lagerspetz (p 274-278)
Liam Hughes

Abstract | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 40K)

Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy: Essays for P.M.S. Hacker – By Hans-Johann Glock and John Hyman (p 278-282)
H. A. Knott

Abstract | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 39K)

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