CFP: Wittgenstein’s Modernisms (MSA 12, Victoria, BC, Nov. 11-14)

Michael LeMahieu (English, Clemson University) and Lisi Schoenbach (English, Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville) are organizing a seminar for the next Modernist Studies Association conference in Victoria, BC (November 11-14). The seminar — on “Wittgenstein’s Modernisms” — looks terrific (see the description below), and we wanted to let our readers know. Thanks to Michael for sending us this CFP.

If you have questions about this seminar, I encourage you to email Prof. LeMahieu by clicking here.

Wittgenstein’s Modernisms – Michael LeMahieu and Lisi Schoenbach

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s writings simultaneously provoke and resist modernist readings. This seminar invites papers that consider the aesthetic, cultural, philosophical, or other modernisms of Wittgenstein’s work, early or late. We welcome papers that consider how Wittgenstein fits or misfits the categories of twentieth-century philosophy – from pragmatism to logical positivism to ordinary language philosophy – or those that examine other nodes in a modernist network of literary and cultural production to which Wittgenstein connects or from which he disconnects, including avant-garde aesthetics, psychology and psychoanalysis, visual culture, and religious studies. Papers might read Wittgenstein’s work in terms of established modernist networks (e.g., Bloomsbury) or explore its possible anti- or post-modern aspects.

Registration for the conference is now open:

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