Forthcoming: Wittgenstein: Key Concepts (Kelly Dean Jolley, ed.)

Wittgenstein: Key Concepts (click on image to enlarge)

We wanted to let our readers know that Acumen will soon publish a new volume in their Key Concepts series, this one on Wittgenstein, edited by Kelly Dean Jolley (Philosophy, Auburn University). It includes contributions by a wonderful group of Wittgenstein scholars (see the TOC below), and Prof. Jolley’s introduction, which I was able to read in manuscript, is excellent (in particular, it provides an especially lucid and compelling account of the “resolute” reading of the Tractatus). To visit Acumen’s webpage for the book, please click here. Or go ahead and pre-order a copy at Amazon, by clicking here.

Here is the table of contents:

  1. Introduction, Kelly Dean Jolley
  2. Philosophical Remarks, Kelly Dean Jolley
  3. Wittgenstein on Meaning and Meaning Blindness, Craig Fox
  4. Language Games and Private Language, Lars Hertzberg
  5. Wittgenstein on Family Resemblance, Craig Fox
  6. Ordinary/Everyday Language, Rupert Read
  7. Psychologism and Philosophical Investigations, Kelly Dean Jolley
  8. Wittgenstein on Rule-Following, Roderick T. Long
  9. Expression and Avowal, David Finkelstein
  10. Grammatical Investigations, Roderick T. Long and Kelly Dean Jolley
  11. Thinking and Understanding, Phil Hutchinson
  12. Scenes of Teaching and Learning, Arata Hamawaki
  13. Moore’s Paradox Revisited, Avrum Stroll
  14. Aspect Perception, Avner Baz
  15. Knowing That the Standard Meter is One Meter Long, Heather Gert
  16. Criteria, Eric Loomis
  17. Therapy, Rupert Read


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