Video: Arnold Davidson on Improvisation and Ethics

Arnold Davidson (Philosophy, Univ. of Chicago) gave the keynote address for an event, held at Columbia University in 2008, on the topic of “Improvisation and Ethics,” and we’ve just learned that video of this talk (including the discussion period afterwards) is available online (on Jazz Studies Online). To access it, please click here.

Here is some information about the event:

Discussants included Eric Lewis, McGill University; Lydia Goehr, Columbia University; Bernard Gendron, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; and Lorenzo Simpson, Stony Brook University. The panel was introduced and moderated by Carol Rovane, who is Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University.

After Professor Carol Rovane’s introduction to the panelists and theme of the conversation, the keynote speaker, philosopher Arnold Davidson, presents his views on improvisation and ethics. Davidson’s interest lies not only in how ethics bears on improvisation, but what improvisation can tell us about ethics. He makes reference to the ancient tradition of self-realization through rational inquiry, or “care of the self,” to explore the relation between self and other in the process of collective improvisation.

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