Forthcoming: Cambridge Critical Guide to Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations

Forthcoming (June 2010) from Cambridge University Press is Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations: A Critical Guide (ed. Arif Ahmed). The table of contents of this new volume can be found below or by clicking here:

  1. From referentialism to human action: the Augustinian theory of language–Robert Hanna
  2. What’s doing? Activity, naming and Wittgenstein’s response to Augustine–Michael Luntley
  3. Measure for measure? Wittgenstein on language-game criteria and the Paris standard metre bar–Dale Jacquette
  4. Wittgenstein on family resemblance concepts–Michael Forster
  5. Wittgenstein on concepts–Hans-Johann Glock
  6. Wittgenstein vs contextualism–Jason Bridges
  7. Wittgenstein and the linguistic turn–Richard Rorty
  8. Rorty’s Wittgenstein–Paul Horwich
  9. Are meaning, understanding, etc. definite states?–John McDowell
  10. Another strand in the private language argument–David Stern
  11. Deductive inference and aspect perception–Arif Ahmed
  12. Remembering intentions–William Child


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